Focused Thinking


As the world recovers from COVID-19, investors will not lose sight of Sustainability, the trend of ESG issues will become more central to investing and business decisions will accelerate; this is already occurring.


Fixing the Problem with US Quality Investing – an ESG Approach

Adding ESG features to a portfolio of U.S. ‘quality’ stocks dramatically improves performance.

5 min read | May 2022


Gender-Related Finance Set to Accelerate Japan’s Sustainability Agenda

Investors and corporates are looking to finance to tackle gender inequality in Japan.

4 min read | May 2022

Emerging Markets

Russian Invasion of Ukraine to Turbocharge Renewables Deals

The Russian invasion of Ukraine could provide the 'jolt' that gives renewables the scale needed to deliver the EU’s climate policies

2 min read | May 2022


ESG360 - Fixing the Problem with U.S. Quality Investing

In this episode of ESG360, Joe Mezrich, Nomura’s Head of Equities Quantitative Strategy, shares his insights on how to fix the underperformance of U.S. 'quality' investing.

13 min video | May 2022


How Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping ESG Ratings

Some of the biggest global investors including Japan's Government Pension Investment Fund are using computer algorithms to gain deeper insights into the ESG effectiveness of companies they invest in.

4 min read | April 2022


Japan Retail Investors Embrace ESG Amid Pandemic, Nomura Survey Shows

The results of Nomura Securities’ December 2021 Individual Investor Survey reveal that Japan retail investors are increasingly interested in ESG-aligned financial products.

3 min read | April 2022


ESG360 - How War in Ukraine can Accelerate Renewables Adoption

In this episode of ESG360, we discuss Europe’s plan to reduce its reliance on Russian fossil fuels and what that means for the energy transition

22 min video | April 2022


ESG360 - The EU’s Social Taxonomy, Climate Risks and ESG in Ukraine

We discuss recent developments in the EU's social taxonomy, how financial firms are managing climate risk and the ESG implications in Ukraine

24 min video | March 2022


How Innovative Financing Gave a Solar Deal Global Scale

Amp Energy, a global renewables developer, secured a unique $350 million credit facility that could double in size to help it develop solar projects spanning the globe.

3 min read | March 2022


ESG360 - How Solar Power Can Fuel the Green Energy Transition

We discuss the future of solar energy as pressure builds on countries to reach net zero emissions goals

15 min video | March 2022


ASEAN Green Taxonomy: Decoding Sustainability in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia, a region prone to nature’s wrath, is accelerating efforts to lay down a classification system that will promote transparency around green activities.

5 min read | March 2022


Trading with a Conscience Reaches the Dealing Floor

ESG is starting to influence the trading floor as desks from equities to currencies are being asked to justify their green credentials to win mandates.

3 min read | February 2022

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