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As the world recovers from COVID-19, investors will not lose sight of Sustainability, the trend of ESG issues will become more central to investing and business decisions will accelerate; this is already occurring.


Battery Reincarnation – A Second Life in Rural Electrification

Lina Lee is Co-Founder of Durapower, a Singapore-based energy storage solutions provider. Lina tells Nomura Greentech that she is extending the duration of electric vehicle batteries by giving them a second life as storage for renewables.

3 min read | March 2023


Scaling Solar – Harnessing Agriculture to Boost Deployment

Alexander Arcache is Managing Director and founder of Kronos Solar, a German renewables company. Alexander believes agrivoltaics – the shared use of land for both solar power generation and agriculture – will be a key driver of future solar deployment.

4 min read | February 2023


Purpose over Profit - Using Clean Energy to Alleviate Poverty

Vineet Mittal is Chairman of Avaada Group, a leading Indian renewables company. Vineet explains to Nomura Greentech how his clean energy plans can help lift people out of poverty.

5 min read | February 2023


Trade not Aid – Rewarding Communities for Protecting Nature

Ana Haurie is CEO of Respira International, an impact-driven carbon finance company. Ana tells Nomura Greentech that she is using the principal of ‘trade not aid’ via the voluntary carbon market to empower communities and get us to net zero.

4 min read | January 2023


Magic Meat – Growing Animal Protein to Reduce Emissions

Josh Tetrick is CEO of Eat Just, a US food startup. Josh tells Nomura Greentech how he is pioneering cultivated or lab-grown meat to drastically cut emissions from animal protein.

4 min read | January 2023


Modern Farming – Reducing Food Miles and Waste

Kathy Valiasek, CFO at Local Bounti, a controlled environment agriculture company, told Nomura Greentech how she is helping to pioneer modern methods of farming that reduce food waste while using less of the planet’s resources.

3 min read | September 2022


Insect Effect – Reinventing the World’s Food System

Clément Ray, CEO and co-founder of biotech company Innovafeed, told Nomura Greentech how the startup, which produces insect protein as a sustainable alternative to higher emission protein sources, is focused on building a zero waste agri-food chain.

4 min read | September 2022


Ice is Life – Averting a Climate Disaster

Lewis Pugh is an endurance swimmer, environmental campaigner and UN patron of the Oceans. He is the first person to complete long distance swims in every ocean of the world. He told Nomura Greentech how overfishing, pollution and warmer waters are threatening sea life.

5 min read | August 2022


Trash to Treasure – Funding Tomorrow’s Circular Economy Startups

Meghan Sharp, Global Head of Decarbonization Partners, a joint-venture between BlackRock and Singapore state-fund Temasek to invest in green companies, told Nomura Greentech how she is helping scale the low-carbon startups of tomorrow.

6 min read | August 2022


The Green Pivot - How an Energy Giant is Shifting To Renewables

Patrick Pouyanné, CEO of TotalEnergies, the French energy giant, told Nomura Greentech how he is pivoting the company away from oil towards renewables and how offshore wind has huge potential.

5 min read | July 2022


Nuclear Fusion Is the Dream of Clean Energy, Says Venture Capital Founder

Wal van Lierop, founder and managing partner at Chrysalix Venture Capital, told Nomura Greentech that nuclear fusion is needed to power the future of clean energy around the world.

5 min read | December 2021


Emerging Markets Need $100 trillion of Sustainable Power, Says Global Investor Actis

Shami Nissan, Head of Responsible Investment at Actis, a leading emerging markets investor, told Nomura Greentech that developing countries need $100 trillion of sustainable energy over the next two decades to support economic growth.

4 min read | November 2021

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