As one of only a few brokers covering the full value chain of China electric vehicle (EV) and batteries, we have a deep insight into why the EV-related segment will continue to enjoy structural growth in China's technology sector. 

China EV grew 126% y-y in 4M16, while EV battery grew 454% in 1Q16.  China EV shipments grew 126% y-y in Jan-Apr 2016 (from 363% in 2015), according to d1ev, despite the on-going investigation on subsidy misuse. This included growth of 130% y-y in passenger EVs and 115% y-y in commercial EVs. Meanwhile, EV battery shipments grew by a much stronger 454% y-y in 1Q16, driven by: 1) a shift in product mix to bigger battery load EVs, 2) strong order flows from EV OEMs, and 3) the subsidy fraud investigation.

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