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Which products are maximising next-gen technology best? Read our views from CW Chung, Managing Director, from our Korean Research team.

 We see a slowdown in demand for conventional consumer IT devices and home appliances in the APAC region and expect this trend to continue through 2016. As next-gen technologies emerge, we see the focus shift to new products, such as SSD, EV/battery, IoT, ADAS, OLED, VR and SMAC, as well as to latest trends in the smartphone space, including fingerprint modules, dual camera and acoustics. We retain a positive stance on companies with exposure in these up-and-coming areas.

Focusing particularly on China, we expect state-owned companies’ acquisitions of global tech corporates to persist, especially with the government’s push to develop China’s high-tech industries. The aggressive M&A push from China should help to bolster share prices of the targeted corporates. However, that increased market penetration for China through these M&As may eventually result in increased competition and a negative impact on share prices for related sub-sectors.

In-depth analyses of subsectors such as memory, non-memory, display, smartphone, IT services, etc. have also been conducted and we provide their outlooks on each.  

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